Why did you choose to combine art, fashion and other applications?

I began by designing patterns for fabrics and in 2003 to 2004 I started turning these designs into paintings. As the years passed, new materials were added into what became a continuous evolution: alternative applications for the designs, changes in size, experimentation with materials, combinations of motifs. It was my character that drove me to “experiment”. I cannot rest on something and say, “OK, that’s it.”


What materials do you use?

I often get enthusiastic about new techniques and materials and focus on them, until the enthusiasm wanes and I go searching for something new. Apart from acrylics, watercolour pencils and my trusty black pen, which are constants, I am currently experimenting with paint on porcelain and clay, mosaic techniques and embroidery threads.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From something I see on the street, from something I read, from a conversation I have. Each time, it is something different and is usually a thought that evolves, until it is finally implemented.


What are you currently working on?

In addition to painting and fabric design, I am the BTEC Coordinator and Fashion & Textiles Senior Tutor at the BTEC Foundation in Art and Design at Doukas School, I am a freelance designer for Attica The Department Stores in the Marketing Department, I work with TOMS as a designer for their Style Your Sole events, and with Irene Kalogiannidi, an interior designer and architect, I collaborate on the Rotate Kreations line of decorative and utilitarian household items.


Where are your creations sold?

Rotate Kreations will be available at the Kreations showroom in Psychiko on 2 December (www.kreations-interiors,com). TOMS products can be purchased by communicating with the head office of their representatives in Greece.


Further_ www.irenevergitsi.com

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